Konin'e Festival, a festival to confine cancer with sake in a bamboo cup January 23rd

A memorial service of the late emperor Konin (709-781). The emperor Konin was called Shirakabe-ou before he came to the throne. He occasionally visited this temple for prayer and enjoyed the poetic atmosphere in the bamboo forest with warmed sake tasting. He lived in good condition and ascended the throne when he was 62 years old. While he was on the throne, he sincerely wished for world peace and the well-being of all the people, especially for people who suffered with severe illness. Beginning with this historical event, the festival to confine illness with sake in a bamboo cup expanded to seal all kinds of severe illnesses, such as cancer. On that day, from the early morning at the precincts of the temple, warmed sake in a bamboo cup is served and prayers for confining cancer are offered. During the festival, many people visit the temple and the precincts are covered with warmed bamboo sake fragrance and enthusiastic prayers all day long.

Take-kuyo, a summer festival to confine cancer June 23rd

According to the ancient tradition in China, this day had been known as bamboo day. It had been said to be a good day for bamboo plantation and people express their thanks to bamboo trees which gave great favor to people's life and culture. This day has been known as summer festival day to confine cancer. Take-kuyo day, as well as the Konin'e festival day are the two great festival days of Daianji temple.